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The Company

Founded in late 2019 by Guillermo Leon, the company was a result from his formation at Esacto Lido circus school in Toulouse with the first show entitled "Opera for Spaghettis¨ which is still touring today.

The Company was based in Toulouse until 2023 when it moved to the Pyrenees mountains in the little town of Roquefeuil. David Farge also joined the company as artist and co creator for the next projects.

It then became an association structure administrated by Lia Morpurgo and Anne and Joel Toustou.

We are all now living and transforming an old agriculture farm into a  training , residency, pedagogical and production video space.


The future residency space 

230509_facade Roquette.jpg

The workers 


Guillermo Leon 


Born in the crazy chaotic center of Mexico City, Guillermo started juggling at the age of 15 and quickly decided it was his passion for life.


He is the founder of the company and has always had a drive for impressing people and making them smile.


He is currently working in every project of the company as well as working as an artist in the Finish circus "Race Horse Company"  

David Farge 

Born in central France, David started playing music at a very young age, he then moved to Marseille to study architecture where he also discovered slack line.

After finishing architecture school, he discovered the love for the stage and decided to become a circus artist.

He integrated the company "Houle Douce"  which specializes on doing shows mixing high line and music. 

He joined Cie Facile a Retenir in 2022. 

He is also a dedicated videographer 

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